Happy Students

For a class assignment, I was asked to interview someone. I decided I wanted to interview everyone instead.

I asked each person two questions:

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. Are you happy?

These were the answers.




Zach Baldygo

Ping pong. Just ping pong.

Yes, when playing ping pong. Now? No. My car was rear-ended. It’s been a pretty crappy day.




Rob Rider

Socializing with people makes me happy.

Yeah, I’m happy right now. I don’t know. I mean, every day is a good day when you’re alive.





Jonah Jankovik

Spending time with friends, I guess.

Generally. Yeah. I got back from a meeting, saw some people, and I’m going to play DnD campaign. I’m completely not thinking of any of the work I have to do.




Autumn Tinta

My friends and my family. My dog. Yeah, I don’t know.

At the moment, I’m very stressed, but overall yeah, I’m happy. I mean, I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back. I’m not well-off but I’m not dirt-poor either. I have friends and family to support me and love me. I tried. Are you happy now?




Ethan Peters

Probably my dog, my friends, and music. And family.

Yes. It varies day by day but overall I think I am. (Now?) Yeah, I’d say so. (Autumn: Well, yeah, I’m here so he’s obviously happy.) Duh.


20181004_201827Evan Peters

Watching things grow and thrive. I keep fish. I grow succulents and stuff. It makes me happy when things are doing well. They’re moving around and being active. Music too. I like music.

Currently? Sort of. I’m stressed because of classes. But, looking at the bigger picture, yeah. I’m pretty happy. I have good people in my life. My family is good to me. I have a job, I’m working, so yeah. I’d say in the big picture, I am.


Josh Hough

What makes me happy? I don’t know. I like sports a lot. Sports make me happy. Hanging out with friends and family is also fun. (Autumn: Dad jokes!) [laughing] Dad jokes.

Yes. I would say so, yes. Very.



43354228_500538717129727_4491230198867427328_n (1)

Madi Jackson

I’d have to say the people I appreciate, music, sleeping, a lot of sleeping, humorous conversation, and sometimes writing, when I don’t have to struggle with it. I also really like my job, actually. So I mean, that’s pretty good. It’s kind of rare to find that. Oh, and coffee. Oh, and adventures. I love water.

That’s a good question. (Autumn: I’m stressed!) I’d say I’m happy at times, but this has been a really stressful semester for me so I’ve done a lot of sleeping.

Screenshot_20181006-115724_FacebookChelsea Sundy

My friends and family and food and I don’t know. I like hiking. I’m not thinking about stress and work when I’m outside. Does that make sense?

I think I’m worrying and stressed out a lot, which makes me feel down but overall I’m happy. I wouldn’t say I’m not pleased with where I’m at and how things are going. There’s just a lot going on. Not the peak of happiness, but I’m happy.



Jané Shelton

What makes me happy? Food and sleep.

Am I happy? Like at this moment? Right now? No. I’m not eating or sleeping. If I was eating something, I’d be very happy. I think I’m going to make myself a sandwich.



Yaritza Bassett

I don’t know. Being with friends, other people, dogs.

At this moment in time, yes. I don’t know. I like working here. Coming to work generally makes me happy.



Becca Robinson

Music and sleep.

Overall, yeah. I mean, there’s times that are obviously harder. But eh. I’d say overall I’m pretty happy. (What about right now?) No, I’m sick.




Sahara Wooley

Oh, shit. I didn’t know it was going to be this deep. What makes me happy? Making my family happy. I’m a people-pleaser. So, making my friends happy.

(Joe, her boyfriend: Answer honestly.) If this is comparatively speaking? I’m way more happy than I used to be. And, I think that’s because, a lot of things have changed. It’s not just Joe, it’s that a lot of things in my life have changed. I feel like I’m more sure of the person I am and what I need to change about myself and celebrate. Right now am I happy? I’m tired, but yeah. I’m in a good mood. I have two essays due tomorrow.



Joe Zielinski

My family, my girlfriend [points to Sahara], succeeding. Yeah. That’s it. You wrote “Yeah that’s it.”

No. But I am a lot happier than I was seven months ago. And no, me and Sahara have not been dating seven months. Is that it?





Jeff Phillips

Sports. Family. That sounds about pretty much it. More things will probably hit me later.

Yes. I’m not in a bad mood. I have nothing to be upset about.




John Kerlicker

Being here. My job as a CA, now. I have a really good friend group. So, those are probably the main things.

Yes. I don’t know, Do I have to say anything else? Do I have to elaborate? Yeah, I am. I’m having a really good semester so far. This is probably the happiest I’ve been, these last seven weeks.


20181004_210704Jared Hoffman

Oh, man. There’s so many things that make me happy. Life makes me happy. I’m just happy to be on this earth, living every day. To have the chance to live my life, view all these cool things, go to school. I’m happy all the time.

I’m so happy. I’m happy every day. You have to find happiness in your everyday life, otherwise it’s just miserable. I’m happy, all the time.


Andrew Mawhinney

I think doing things that I’m passionate about. Getting things done, I guess. But also video games.

That’s a complicated question. That is a question. Do you mean right now or in general? Right now, I’d say I’m happy. I’m not upset. I would say so, yeah.



20181004_213716Huldah Kena

What makes me happy? Food makes me happy. Being with my family and friends makes me happy. Doing things that I’m passionate about, like my YouTube channel. Obviously, being in school and striving for my dreams. That makes me happy. And presents, make me happy too.

(Here’s the link to her YouTube Channel)


That’s a good question. I think there are times where I do feel happy, but every now and then something happens. You know, life happen. You get a bad grade. Your finances are bad, you’re broke. Every now and then. Your parents get upset. It’s just the littlest things. I’m very happy. Today’s been a very good day.

20181004_214221Alex Khattri

That’s kind of hard. What makes me happy is people. People make me happy. I would say nature makes me happy. Activities make me happy. Honestly, the salt of life makes me happy, if that’s an appropriate answer. Do you want me to expand on that? (You’re okay.) Good, because I’m not sure if I really could.

Currently? I would say that I’m quite happy. I could be happier. Circumstances in my life could be better. That’s it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the circumstances currently in my life are bad, but it means that they can always be better. And I think that’s a good thing. Just, strives for more success.



Nick Keller

Quality time with family and friends and food. Emphasis on food.

Right now? I have no reason not to be. Is that an answer? I’m not always happy. But, right now? As I’m eating? I have this smoothie and these nachos? What’s there really to complain about? You feel me?



file (1)

Gabrie Sympson

What makes me happy? Dancing makes me happy. And singing.

No. It’s just, I’m not where I want to be. Because I know I can be somewhere else, or something else, like doing something else.


20181004_220028Kaylee Hauck

What makes me happy? Family. 100%. Just spending time with them and being around them. And not just family, friends, which I guess you can also consider family. So just being around people, I think, that care about me. I think that makes me happy.

That one’s a bit harder to answer. I think yes, right now. I think I am. I definitely have not always been. But at this moment, I’d say yes. But I think there are sometimes that I’m not. But there are more times that I am.


Emily Buckel

Cats. It’s the first thing that came to mind. Alpacas, and friends.

No. Life is shit. Just a lot happening that’s not good. That’s it. (Madi: You’ll be okay.) No, I’m fine, I’m never happy.




Brandon Farneth

Food and drag.

Short answer, no. Would you like a longer answer? I mean, I am depressed so at the moment, no. That’s a goal, I guess. I don’t know what else you want me to say about it.


Everyone who answered these questions is a student at my school. They all consented to the use of their pictures and answers.