City of Asylum

We started in the reading garden. By “we” I mean I dragged my girlfriend, Emily, with me to my travel writing class.

She was the most beautiful in the garden, but not by as much as usual.

That’s such a lie, she was still significantly more beautiful than everything else, even if she’s a little nuts.

The garden was beautiful and quiet, and the neighborhood around it seemed like the perfect place to live.

We walked through the neighborhood in order to reach the houses used for asylum.

We heard stories of people fleeing death sentences for writing the truth. They painted their homes and wrote books. One told his story through poetry with his whole body. He danced the poetry.

The people who live in these places bring unique stories of hope and truth. It’s honestly the most incredible place and I strongly recommend taking a tour of it.

The end of our tour was at the City of Asylum Bookstore. They had hundreds of Pittsburgh writers’ books. We found our professor’s books there, as well as her husband’s books.

A wonderful trip and honestly, a great date. Any day with her is a great date.