Westmoreland Museum of American Art

I asked my prettiest friend out on a date. Since we’re broke college students, we needed to go somewhere relatively cheap. Luckily for me, she’s a bit of a nerd for art.

Also, yes, I’m gay.

The Westmoreland Museum of Art is free to enter and explore. As we walked around we saw all kinds of things.


Foil art…

A lot of art.

There were cultural commentary pieces…

And some pieces that really made you question things.

But my personal favorite was Joe Magarac.

The story behind Mr. Magarac is similar to that of Paul Bunyan. Minus the blue ox.

Joe was a steel worker known for being able to do the work of 100 men. When his employers realized this, they decided to fire the rest of the crew he was on. In order to save the jobs of his friends, Joe killed himself by jumping into a furnace.

Which led me to have multiple questions.

  1. Why didn’t he just, oh, I don’t know, quit? Find another job? Go on strike? Literally anything other than suicide?
  2. Why was there an open furnace for him to jump into? Isn’t that a safety hazard?
  3. Who thought “We should idolize this” and painted it? Seriously? Suicide? Y’all, or should I say yinz, we’re better than this.

Another really fun part of the museum was the kid stuff, which we took part in, of course. You could add to the walls and make your own art.

My girlfriend, yeah, I said girlfriend, she said yes. :), really enjoyed the library. There was a fireplace she could hide in.

Isn’t she adorable?

Basically, Westmoreland Museum of Art is amazing and I would highly recommend going.